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A flat women's leather shoe is and always will be a good choice.

You may not realise it, but our flat shoes can steal the show from any model with a high heel. Now, opting for the comfort of this type of shoe is more fashionable than ever. You should know that, with your feet on the ground, there is life beyond sneakers.

Moccasins, bluchers, oxford style shoes. They all have something good to add to your shoe rack. Truly versatile, our models are made for any outfit. Although combining them with jeans is always the best option.

The most comfortable shoes for your everyday looks are Sirolé.

Our wardrobe not only demands style, but nowadays and in most occasions, it chooses comfort as its best ally. Flat shoes are our best option when we are looking for an urban and casual look that can keep up with our daily rhythm.

They are easy to combine, they are practical and, in addition, ours have that extra point that makes them more appealing. With different designs without being extravagant. And with that urban character that makes them cosmopolitan. In short, a safe bet.

We are proud of 'made in Spain'.

It is clear that we love making shoes. But what we love even more is to be able to say that each of our models is designed and manufactured entirely in Spain. We give a lot of importance to the materials we use and we like to be part of every stage of the manufacturing process. From the sole to the laces.

High quality leather, extremely comfortable soles. Our aim is that every time you put on our shoes, you don't mind wearing them even when you get home and see your longed-for slippers. We are style and comfort at the same time. That's something we can also be proud of. We don't just create women's flats to be labelled pretty, we want to be so much more.

Buying flats online has never been easier.

If you have fallen in love with any of our models, the purchase process will be absolutely simple. We have different payment methods and you can always place your order with total security.

Our returns and exchanges are free of charge. You will have 15 days to think about whether you want to take us with you for good. Try our shoes at home, in front of your wardrobe and without rushing. That's the good thing about buying online, you can see if what you choose matches with the rest of your wardrobe.

Flat shoes are good all year round. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, they are always ready to come out of the shoe rack. Of course, if they haven't convinced you, we have several alternatives in our collection with a common factor: versatility. We're sure you'll find the perfect shoes for you.

Walk comfortably all season long. Walking with style and natural elegance is within your reach.