We have the perfect women's espadrilles for you.

Comfortable, simple and extremely versatile, espadrilles, also known as espadrilles, provide that touch of femininity that any woman is looking for when she wants to make sense of her spring-summer wardrobe. 

They are one of the most desired products when the good weather approaches. We take them out for a walk in spring and extend their existence within our looks until well into autumn, or what is the same, until we realise that summer has passed into a better life. They are timeless, extremely combinable and evoke an effortless chic style based on naturalness and simplicity. Their 'made in Spain' tradition is absolute. That's why our catalogue had to include them. Yes, or yes.

We make espadrilles from natural jute.

At Sirolé we attach great importance to quality, which is why we design our espadrilles in natural jute sewn by hand; this gives each of our models the handcrafted essence that this type of footwear requires. And we can affirm that the result is impeccable. 

Classic, beautiful and in all colours. We have models at ground level, with a medium wedge and with a few extra centimetres. We manufacture with different materials that combined with jute are ideal. We play with prints, padding and bows or buckles at the ankle. We pay special attention to comfort and style. Yes, we want you to take us everywhere and when it comes to women's espadrilles, we know what we're doing.

Our wedge espadrilles elevate your style.

Probably, from our catalogue, the wedge espadrilles will be your favourite. They look great with any look. Your jeans or flared trousers. Your skirts or shorts. Your romantic or crochet blouses. We can even imagine them for a special event with a scarf as a headband and a long dress. And even for a boho bride - ideal! Now, the need to get them will be inevitable (sorry).

The most comfortable espadrilles are from Sirolé.

You should also know that our women's wedge espadrilles are able to keep up with you and that friend who is always ready to make plans. Comfort and durability are part of that extra that makes them irresistible. The secret lies in the quality of the materials we use and our padded leather soles. Comfort is fundamental for us and even more so when it comes to shoes. We want to walk with you and not stay inside a box.

Find your favourite espadrilles in our online shop.

If you've had a crush when you saw one of our models, we understand it. Now it's time for you to take us with you. Shopping at our online shop is very easy for you. In addition, you can ask us any questions through the contact section of our online shop or by entering any of our social profiles (perhaps the latter option is the quickest).

These are the espadrilles you will be wearing this season.