Once upon a time

A bit about us

There is not a single kind of elegance,
just as there is not a single kind of woman



We were born with the firm purpose of being your everyday shoes, but with a distinctive and unique touch. Shoes that will be your great allies, even in the longest days. We make shoes for you, real shoes for the real life, that one that sometimes is not perfect but surprising and unexpected. Do you want to join us on this trip?

Natural elegance

There is not a single kind of elegance, just as there is not a single kind of woman. The idea of elegance often brings to mind rigid, antiquated, imposed or unpersonal dress codes. However, as we understand it, elegance now has more to do with naturalness, understanding naturalness as spontaneous, personal, real, individual and creative. Welcome to natural elegance.



If there's anything we were clear about from the beginning, was that style and comfort should coexist in harmony. Our paddings and extremely soft leathers are key to ensuring that every time you think of a comfortable shoe, you think of us. Our collections, in addition to design, also have the virtue of comfort: discover the comfort of our heels, platforms and wedges.


Shoes crafted in spain

We design and manufacture our shoes by ourselves in Elche (Alicante). In this way we can control everything that has to do with our production and everything that surrounds our brand. One of our priorities is to offer you footwear with high quality leathers and materials, so that they can stay in your wardrobe for much longer.