22 -28 NOV

30% OFF | Black Week
arrives at Sirolé.

As usual, November is no longer one of the most insipid months of the year, but the long-awaited month of Black Friday.

We don't care that it's cold, we don't care that there are still weeks to go before the holidays. The offers arrive, the opportunity to do some pre-Christmas shopping arrives and the last minute whims arrive. In Sirolé we are ready to celebrate the blackest week of the year (even if it has little or nothing black).


Black Friday is here!

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special discounts
on our leather shoes.

You won't have to wait for the next sales in January, Black Friday has arrived from the United States to stay.

Did you know that its origin dates back to 1950? According to the Telegraph newspaper, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving there was to be a football game in Philadelphia, so the day before the city received hundreds of visitors to do their Christmas shopping before attending the sporting event. The chaos that ensued was such that the police had to work long days without a break and ended up christening that day as 'Black Friday'.

Our women's shoes surrender to Black Friday.

If you have included any of our leather shoes in your shopping cart and by magic its price has dropped, look at the calendar, from 22th to 28th of November will happen whenever you add one of our products to your purchase process.

The prices in our online shop go down, but our essence remains intact. The same quality, the same comfort and the same style, from Spain. Specifically, from Elche, a city with a long tradition in the world of shoes.

All those models that you have been wishing to have at a lower price during the season, you can now find them with a special discount. Wish granted! You have before you a great opportunity to continue to nourish your looks.

Natural elegance on your feet.

Do you know our concept of natural elegance? At Sirolé we are committed to the spontaneous, real, independent and creative woman. Because every woman is elegant in her own way. When it comes to looks, don't put up barriers. Dare to combine your spontaneous spirit with our autumn-winter proposals.

The idea of elegance usually brings to mind some rigid, pigeonholed dress codes, without much naturalness. It is time to understand certain concepts differently. We like to think that we are doing our bit.

It's time to buy women's boots, ankle boots and bluchers online.

Who doesn't want to have a new pair of leather shoes for this winter? Each model of Sirolé boots, ankle boots and bluchers is designed so that you can enjoy them day after day. It's about time you got a pair of shoes that match what you were looking for. Our brand offers you the opportunity to go to the last without your pocket complaining. Forget about waiting in long queues. Our shop is open 24 hours a day and the only thing we want you to think about is when and with what you are going to combine us.

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Now, enjoy our Black Friday in style.

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